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Elegoo Neptune 4

Elegoo Neptune 4

Brand: Elegoo
Category: 3D Printers
  • 1: Dual Gear Direct Drive Extruder
  • 2: Advanced Cooling system
  • 3: 250-watt heating bed
  • 4: Compatible with Klipper


3D Printers

Printing Technology FDM
Build Volume 225 x 225 x 265 mm
Max Printing Speed 500 mm/s
Extruder Type Direct Drive Extruder
Number of Extruders Single
Printer Display Touch Display


Elegoo Neptune 4 Highlights

The Neptune 4 from Elegoo is a powerhouse! This Klipper-compatible FDM printer features a high-speed mainboard, achieving an astonishing top speed of 500 mm/s.

Modern Design with Stability

The Neptune 4 boasts a sleek, modern aesthetic with a robust gantry structure, making it both portable and stable.

Generous Build Volume for Creativity

With a build volume of 225 x 225 x 265 mm, the Neptune 4 allows you to bring your most imaginative 3D ideas to life.

Speed Like a Cheetah

This FDM printer is powered by a high-performance computing processor, enabling maximum printing speeds of up to 500 mm/s! Its special motion control algorithm ensures precise step timing for greater accuracy. For optimal results, a standard print speed of 250 mm/s is recommended.

High-Speed Silent Mainboard Compatible with Klipper

Featuring a high-performance ARM 64-bit 1.5G quad-core silent mainboard, the Neptune 4 operates quietly while reducing noise. It has 8G of memory, supporting the secure storage of over 400 model files. Unlike other Neptune models that use Marlin, the Neptune 4 comes with Klipper firmware.

PEI Magnetic Build Plate

The PEI-coated build platform allows for easy removal of printed models once the heating bed has cooled down.

250-Watt Heating Bed

The powerful 250-watt heating bed quickly heats up to 110°C, ensuring fast preparation.

Advanced Dual-Gear Extruder with Direct Drive

The Neptune 4 features Elegoo’s proprietary Dual Gear Direct Drive extruder, which is 25% lighter than that of the Neptune 3 Pro. This enhances extrusion force, providing a 5.2X extrusion ratio and higher accuracy. It supports a variety of materials including PLA, ABS, TPU, and nylon.

High-Temperature Hotend up to 300°C

The hotend of the Neptune 4 is designed with an all-metal copper-titanium heat break and an innovative air channel for improved heat dissipation. It supports temperatures up to 300°C, ensuring filaments are fully melted and evenly extruded.

Efficient Cooling System

Equipped with a sophisticated cooling system, the Neptune 4 combines a heat dissipation module with intelligent fan control. Four powerful 4020 fans and two 4015 side-mounted fans provide comprehensive cooling during high-speed printing. Fans automatically switch off after printing, saving energy and reducing noise.

Flexible Levelling Options

The Neptune 4 features a high-precision, non-contact sensor that collects data from 121 points on the build platform, ensuring successful prints.

Durable V-Guide Rails with POM Wheels

The V-guide rail wheels are made of high-quality, wear-resistant POM material, ensuring quiet, precise movements. The transmission mechanism is reinforced to compensate for long-term wear, maintaining print accuracy.

Smart Features for Greater Flexibility

  • Filament Detection Sensor: Automatically



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