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Elegoo Neptune 4 Pro

Elegoo Neptune 4 Pro

Brand: Elegoo
Category: 3D Printers
  • 1: Dual Gear Direct Drive Extruder
  • 2: 250-watt heating bed with two independent heating zones
  • 3: Advanced Cooling system
  • 4: Compatible with Klipper
  • 5:
  • 6:


3D Printers

Printing Technology FDM
Build Volume 320 x 320 x 385 mm
Max Printing Speed 500 mm/s
Extruder Type Direct Drive Extruder
Number of Extruders Single
Printer Display 3D Printers

Elegoo Neptune 4 Pro Highlights

Discover the enhanced capabilities of the Elegoo Neptune 4 Pro, a powerful addition to the Elegoo family of FDM 3D printers.

High-Speed Performance

Equipped with a high-performance, high-speed mainboard, the Neptune 4 Pro reaches speeds up to 500 mm/s, ideal for rapid prototyping and efficient production. Compatible with Klipper firmware for advanced control.

Enhanced Features Compared to Neptune 4

  • Dual Heating Bed: Smart design with two independent heating areas (150W + 100W), offering precise temperature control and energy efficiency.
  • All-Metal Frame: Provides stability and durability, ensuring consistent print quality.
  • All-Metal Linear Rail: Ensures smooth and accurate movement during printing.

Modern and Functional Design

Featuring a sleek gantry structure, the Neptune 4 Pro combines modern aesthetics with stable performance, suitable for any workspace.

Advanced Printing Capabilities

  • High-Temperature Hotend: Supports temperatures up to 300°C for printing with a wide range of materials.
  • Dual-Gear Direct Drive Extruder: Offers superior filament traction and precise extrusion, enhancing print quality.
  • PEI Magnetic Build Platform: Facilitates easy model removal after printing.

Intelligent Features

  • Automatic Bed Leveling: Non-contact leveling sensor with 121-point data acquisition for optimal print bed calibration.
  • Filament Detection Sensor: Pauses printing upon filament breakage or exhaustion, minimizing print failures.
  • Smart Resume Printing: Automatically resumes printing after power outage, ensuring uninterrupted workflow.

User-Friendly Interface

  • 4.3-inch Capacitive Touchscreen: Provides intuitive control over settings and supports multiple languages.
  • LAN Printing: Enables remote monitoring and control of print jobs via web terminal.

Enhanced Cooling System

Includes multiple fans with intelligent control for effective heat dissipation during high-speed printing, reducing noise levels post-print.


The Elegoo Neptune 4 Pro combines speed, precision, and reliability, making it an ideal choice for creators seeking professional-grade 3D printing capabilities. Whether for prototyping, functional parts, or creative projects, it delivers exceptional performance in every print.




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