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Paparality K1C

Paparality K1C

Brand: Creality
Category: 3D Printers
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Introducing the Creality K1C: Elegance and Robustness Redefined

Hard to beat in terms of elegance and robustness, the Creality K1C is a powerful high-speed 3D printer specially designed for printing with carbon fiber-reinforced materials. Combining ultra-high speeds with robust construction and smart functions, it sets new standards for quality and performance. With a build volume of 220 x 220 x 250 mm and a max. printing speed of 600 mm/s, the K1C takes your 3D printing to a new level.

Features at a Glance:

  • Contemporary Elegance and Robustness: The K1C’s solid unibody frame is crafted from larger, robust parts using an integrated die-casting process, ensuring seamless merging of frame sides with barely visible connection points. Equipped with tinted glass sides and a transparent acrylic lid, creating a thermal enclosure with visibility into the chamber at all times.
  • All-Metal Extruder for Firm Filament Grip: The K1C’s all-metal extruder system features a clog-free design with a support spring and ball piston, ensuring a firm grip on the filament without yielding.
  • Ultra-Fast and Agile: Like the K1, the K1C features a lightweight and dynamic CoreXY structure designed for ultra-high speeds while maintaining print quality.
  • Quick-Swap, Tri-Metal “Unicorn” Nozzle: Equipped with a durable copper nozzle with a steel tip and a titanium alloy heatbreak, easily replaceable for seamless printing operations.
  • Triple Cooling for Improved Print Quality:
    • Hotend fan minimizes heat creep from the hotend to the extruder.
    • Part cooling fan provides instant hardening of freshly printed layers for better layer bonding and texture.
    • Additional fan supports cooling of the model, minimizing warping and stringing on bridges and overhangs.
  • Carbon Fiber Printing Made Easy: The K1C can easily process filaments with carbon fibers:
    • 300°C hotend combined with a hardened steel nozzle tip for high-temperature and wear-resistant CF filaments.
    • Flexible PEI build plate offers excellent adhesion and easy removal of printed models.
    • Closed chamber design creates a constant high-temperature environment for stronger prints.
  • Material-Independent Printing for Versatile Applications: Suitable for printing with various materials including PLA, ASA, ABS, or TPU, as well as filaments with carbon fibers like PLA-CF or PET-CF for mechanically strong parts.
  • Built-in AI Camera for Enhanced Monitoring: The built-in AI camera monitors the printing process and detects errors such as spaghetti detection, foreign body detection, and offers time-lapse recording and video surveillance.
  • Open Source Creality OS, Creality Print, and Creality Cloud:
    • Creality OS, based on Klipper, offers advanced features like Linear Advance and Input Shaping.
    • Creality Print simplifies the printing process with functions like Smart Cooling, Optimal Retraction, Slim Supports, and 3D model library access.
    • Creality Cloud is an all-in-one 3D printing platform for interaction and sharing with other enthusiasts.




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