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Creality K1 Max

Creality K1 Max

Brand: Creality
Category: 3D Printers
  • 1: Printing speeds reaching 600 mm/s
  • 2: 300 x 300 x 300 mm build volume
  • 3: AI-supported with numerous smart features
  • 4: Fully automatic bed leveling


3D Printers

Printing Technology FDM
Build Volume 300 x 300 x 300 mm
Max Printing Speed 600 mm/s
Extruder Type Direct Drive Extruder
Number of Extruders Single
Printer Display Touch Display


Creality K1 Max: Unmatched Power and Style

The Creality K1 Max is an advanced FDM 3D printer that stands out with its sleek design and large build capacity of 300 x 300 x 300 mm. This robust printer is built to deliver high-speed printing while maintaining excellent quality.


Ready to Use: The K1 Max arrives fully assembled and calibrated, complete with a quick start guide to get you printing right away.

Spacious Build Volume: Enjoy a large build space of 300 x 300 x 300 mm within a compact design, perfect for creating prototypes and detailed design samples.

Durable Aluminum Frame: Crafted from die-cast aluminum alloy and CNC-milled, the frame ensures precision and stability, even at high speeds.

High-Speed Printing: The CoreXY structure and 190 g lightweight printhead are optimized for speed, reducing inertia and vibration for stable, fast printing.

Automatic Bed Leveling: Equipped with strain sensors and an AI-LiDAR scanner, the K1 Max automatically levels the bed, compensating for any surface irregularities.

First Layer Perfection: The intelligent LiDAR scanner adjusts the flow for the first layer, ensuring optimal adhesion and quality.

AI Camera Monitoring: An integrated camera continuously oversees the printing process, detecting errors and providing real-time alerts via smartphone or PC.

Remote Monitoring: Keep track of your prints from anywhere with Wi-Fi or LAN connectivity, and manage multiple printers for batch production.

Precision Without Z-Wobble: The stable Z-axis minimizes layer shifts, producing fine, detailed textures.

Accurate Filament Flow: The LiDAR system calibrates the perfect flow for each filament, eliminating gaps and blobs for smooth prints.

Integrated Air Purifier: Filters out odors and fine particles, ensuring a cleaner printing environment.

Additional Features

High-Speed Performance: Capable of printing at speeds up to 600 mm/s.

Lightweight Printhead: The 190 g printhead reduces inertia for stable, fast movements.

Intelligent Bed Leveling: AI-LiDAR scanner ensures perfect leveling and first layer quality.

Advanced Monitoring: Real-time print monitoring with AI error detection and time-lapse functionality.

Convenient Connectivity: Remote control and monitoring via Wi-Fi or LAN, supporting batch production.

Air Filtration: Built-in purifier for a cleaner workspace.

The Creality K1 Max redefines 3D printing with its combination of speed, quality, and intelligent features. It’s the ideal choice for both professionals and hobbyists looking to push the boundaries of their creative projects.




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