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Creality K1 Max

  Creality K1 Max: Unmatched Power and Style The Creality K1 Max is an advanced FDM 3D printer that stands out with its sleek design and large build capacity of 300 x 300 x 300 mm. This robust printer is built to deliver high-speed printing while maintaining excellent quality. Highlights Ready to Use: The K1

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Elegoo Neptune 4

  Elegoo Neptune 4 Highlights The Neptune 4 from Elegoo is a powerhouse! This Klipper-compatible FDM printer features a high-speed mainboard, achieving an astonishing top speed of 500 mm/s. Modern Design with Stability The Neptune 4 boasts a sleek, modern aesthetic with a robust gantry structure, making it both portable and stable. Generous Build Volume

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Elegoo Neptune 4 Pro

Elegoo Neptune 4 Pro Highlights Discover the enhanced capabilities of the Elegoo Neptune 4 Pro, a powerful addition to the Elegoo family of FDM 3D printers. High-Speed Performance Equipped with a high-performance, high-speed mainboard, the Neptune 4 Pro reaches speeds up to 500 mm/s, ideal for rapid prototyping and efficient production. Compatible with Klipper firmware

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Sovol SV06

Introducing the Sovol SV06: Elegance and Performance Combined The Sovol SV06 is an FDM 3D printer with a modular design and beautiful turquoise color accents. Featuring a classic I3 structure, it avoids gear wear and frequent replacement. With a build volume of 220 x 220 x 250 mm, this open-source printer is ideal for everyday

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Creality K1C

  Introducing the Creality K1C: Elegance and Robustness Redefined Hard to beat in terms of elegance and robustness, the Creality K1C is a powerful high-speed 3D printer specially designed for printing with carbon fiber-reinforced materials. Combining ultra-high speeds with robust construction and smart functions, it sets new standards for quality and performance. With a build

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Elegoo Neptune 4 Plus

Elegoo Neptune 4 Plus: Ultra-Fast 3D Printing with a Massive Build Volume Introducing the Elegoo Neptune 4 Plus, an ultra-fast FDM 3D printer boasting a generous build volume of 320 x 320 x 385 mm. With a maximum speed of 500 mm/s, an acceleration of 12,000 mm/s², and Klipper firmware, this powerful printer lets you

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